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Anim Starter is alive! - How to learn 3d animation

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

How to learn 3d animation

A whole series of questions you're probably asking:

  • How can I learn 3D animation?

  • Do I need to know how to draw to become an animator?

  • Where should I start?

  • Which software should I use?

  • Do I need an expensive computer to create animations?

  • Which school is the best?

  • Can I really work in the video game or film industry?

  • How can I find a job as a 3D animator?

  • What is animation?

  • And what does the work of an animator really entail?

  • Do I need a state-recognized degree?

So many questions I faced as a young aspiring animator. Anim Starter was created to answer your questions! I've put together a learning roadmap to help you understand how to find the right training and land a job. If you'd like, simply request your free E-Book HERE :)

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