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Animation youtube channel
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11 Seconds club
It is a monthly challenge. The rule is simple : Everyone use the same sound line (which duration is 11 seconds). People votes for their favorite. The winner will receive a professional feedback on his animation. It is very valuable as a young animator to watch those feedbacks. You can try the challenge here or you can watch all feedbacks here


Animation Resources

Animation feedback
animation references
youtube channels
3d schools world map
animation rigs
animation books
Animation tools
animation tips and tricks
press and website
animation exercises
animation communities
animation starter kit
studio list
Animation events
Cool Toys
animation podcasts

Here is a collection of excellent resources for animators: books to learn animation, podcasts to get inspired, press and websites to follow the news, an animation festival calendar, reference footage, and so much more!
Don't forget to join communities to get help and create a network!

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