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The Art of Inside Out

Pete Docter, Amy Poehler

The Art of Inside Out

Dive into the behind-the-scenes world of Pixar's masterpiece with The Art of Inside Out. This beautifully illustrated book unveils the creative secrets behind the film's vibrant emotions. Discover concept art, storyboards, character and designs. A must-have for any fan of animation and visual storytelling, this book will inspire you to see emotions from a new perspective.

The Art of Inside Out


The Art of Inside Out


Treat yourself with this curated selection of books that will inspire and enhance your animation journey.

Explore a diverse range of topics including:

  • Animation Techniques: Master the fundamentals and advanced methods to bring your creations to life.

  • Cinematography: Learn the art of visual storytelling and how to create compelling scenes.

  • Anatomy: Understand the human body in motion to improve your character designs.

  • Character Design: Delve into the principles of creating memorable and unique characters.

  • Storyboarding: Grasp the essential skills for planning and visualizing your animation projects.

  • Visual Effects: Discover the magic of integrating stunning visual effects into your work.

  • Management: Discover the best practices for managing animation projects and teams.

  • Artbooks: Dive into beautifully illustrated books that showcase the work of renowned artists.

  • History of Animation: Gain insight into the evolution of animation and the pioneers who shaped the industry.

  • Software Guides: Get comprehensive guides to mastering industry-standard animation software.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned professional, these books are perfect for expanding your knowledge and skills. They also make the perfect gift for any artist looking to enhance their craft.

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