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How to become animator

How to become an animator?

Online courses?




Animation mentor
Animation courses
Animation school
Animation tutorials

Yep, the classic head-scratcher for every aspiring animator!
There is many ways to learn animation:

    - Option one: The DIY route – free online tutorials.
    - Option two: Joining a physical school, possibly pricier than a unicorn but it might worth it.

    - Option three : Find a specialized online course.

Oh wait.. did you hear of option four: Find yourself a Mentor!

Still can't decide? Check out my learning roadmap in 8 steps: HERE 
I described each way to learn with pros and cons.

How to learn animation?

Where should you start?

Animation blog

How to learn animation step by step and land the job of your dreams? Here's a roadmap with all the essential steps to become an animator.

Animation learning roadmap
What is animation

To learn animation properly, you need to understand first what is animation and what kind of industry it is.

Animation schools

Ready to learn? Schools, online courses, find the best one for you...

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