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Animation 3d: 
All you need to know to become an animator

Working in video games, bringing a dragon to life for your favorite TV series, or expressing your artistic creativity in a short animated film. Is that your dream?

Go for it!

If I did it, you can do it too!

Believe me, I couldn’t draw or speak English, and now I have the chance to animate for some of the biggest-budget films internationally (Spiderman - No Way Home, Beauty and the Beast, Maleficent, Detective Pikachu, and dozens more!).

The great advantage in this industry is that degrees don't matter at all.

But where to start?

running robot

What is animation?

What is animation?

Differents style and types of animation.

What is the animator's  job?
Main fields where you can work.

animation student

How to learn animation?

How to learn l'animation?

What kind of schools and trainings?

How to get ready for your training?

How to find a job?

animation material

How to start from home?

What material to choose?

What software tu use ?

animation tools

All resources you need

Communities to join.

Youtube channels.

Festivals and other events.
Rigs (puppets).

How to learn animation step by step and land the job of your dreams? Here's a roadmap with all the essential steps to become an animator.

Animation learning roadmap
animated robot

To learn animation properly, you need to understand first what is animation and what kind of industry it is.

3d schools world map

Ready to learn? Schools, online courses, find the best one for you...

Animation Resources

Animation feedback
animation references
youtube channels
3d schools world map
animation rigs
animation books
Animation tools
animation tips and tricks
press and website
animation exercises
animation communities
animation starter kit
studio list
Animation events
Cool Toys
animation podcasts

Here is a collection of excellent resources for animators: books to learn animation, podcasts to get inspired, press and websites to follow the news, an animation festival calendar, reference footage, and so much more!
Don't forget to join communities to get help and create a network!

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