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Candy Rigs

A great bunch of props to help with your animations. Always great to have a character interacting with his environment!

Candy Rigs

Having a good rig is essential for creating high-quality animation. A well-designed rig will allow you to work more efficiently and bring your characters to life with fluidity and precision. It's crucial to check your rig before using it. Here are some important points to consider:

  • Resizing: Do you need to resize the rig to fit your character correctly? Deformations: Are the deformations correct when the character moves? Make sure there are no strange or unwanted deformations.

  • Updates: Are there updated versions of the rig available? Updates can fix bugs or add new features.

  • Controls: Are the controls well-placed and functioning correctly? A good rig should offer intuitive and easy-to-manipulate controls.

  • Compatibility: Is the rig compatible with the software you're using? Verify that it works well in your working environment.

  • Interpenetration: Are there any interpenetration issues between different parts of the rig?

  • Skin Weights: Are the skin weights properly distributed to ensure natural and realistic movements?

  • Performance: Is the rig optimized for performance in terms of computing, to avoid slowdowns during animation?

  • Documentation: Is there documentation or user guides provided with the rig? Good documentation can greatly ease the learning curve of the rig.

    Tip: I always check online for animations done with a rig before to start, just to see what kind of movement and shapes I can get.

I have selected rigs for you that I have personally tested or fully trust. These rigs have been chosen for their quality and reliability, so you can focus on creativity and animation without worrying about technical aspects.

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