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Maya - How to find object from graph editor? - Which object is related to this key?

Updated: Mar 15

How to select an object from the graph editor?

Maya Select from curve

Select key

Here is my AS_SelectFromCurve tool!

How to find which object is related to a specific key in an ocean of curves? Stop scrolling for ever to find an highlighted object!

What does it do?

It will point you out the object(s) related to the curves / keys you have selected in the graph editor. Even better, it will open a window to help you select those objects if you need to.

How does it work?

Select a specific key or many of them in graph editor.

Heavy graph editor

Run it:


maya tool

It shows you which object(s) is/are related to this curve/key. You can select a specific object or select them all within one click.

Fancy a video demo?

How to find object from graph editor

Where to get it?


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