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Maya Video reference - Import reference's video in Maya

Updated: 21 hours ago

How to import a video in Maya?

Maya Image ref tool

Import video in maya

Here is my AS_ImageRef tool!

Stop struggling with Image plane / Free image plane/ Video/Image Sequence / Video Cache / Offset! It does it for you in one click!

What does it do?

Very simple, just select your video on your disk and it will import it on a free image plane, already attached to your current view/camera. No need to change the starting frame, it will match your timeline.

Attached to your camera but not locked! Move it around and resize it as you wish!

How does it work?

Run it:


Select your file

Maya Image Plane

Optional: You can change the starting frame, otherwise it will be sync with your timeline.

It will be following your Camera

Fancy a video demo?

Import video in maya

Where to get it?


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