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Animation ressources

Animation Tips and tricks


How to become an animator
I have compiled my advice to help your become an animator step by step


Best animation books

Learn from the bests ! My animation book list!


Animation and VFX pipeline
Understand the creation process of a 3d animation and Vfx Movie.


Get ready for your animation training
A great list of stuff to do before joining an animation training or school


How to make a bird flight cycle?
Check out this amazing blog by Brendan Body.  Learn great tips and tricks about bird locomotion.

Flying bird

How to keep your character balanced?

What to you know about center of gravity? And how to use it in animation?


Snap objects together in Maya

Stop struggling to snap object together, get rig of contrains / delete constrain, do it in one click with AS_Snap!

Snap Tool

Import a video in maya as a reference!

Import a video reference in maya - Video or image sequence.
Directly following your camera and synched with timeline!


Select an object from the graph editor!
Stop scrolling for ever to find where this animation key is coming from! Very useful for tech check, and heavy graph editor.


Spreadsheet fever!
Animation spreadsheet fever! Are you looking for 3d animation salary, job offers and resources? Those collaborative spreadsheets will guide you :)

animation spreadsheet
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